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Industrializing Idly Illustrious Infamies

Je suis le fantôme d'un etranger

More than a little eccentric, tends to keep very unusual habits. Has many wonderful ideas, but little patience. Is an unrepentant daydreamer. Likes to express her individuality, and is alternately torn between getting disappointed and finding beauty in the world.

mtranc3 101 TV tropes style:

Covert Pervert I used to be the purest lily of them all. Then fanfiction happened. My friends still do double takes whenever an obscure kink is mentioned and of all the people present, I will be the only one that nods their head in understanding.

The informed loner Yes, being a loner can be a choice. For me it’s the easiest, most natural thing in the world, but if you need instructions, here is a short film full of them.

Admiring the abomination My abomination of choice is the possibility of the universe succumbing to the heat death scenario; I find the thought of everything reaching maximum entropy and thus equilibrium strangely fascinating (and yes, beautiful and soothing).

Perverted Drooling It happens every single time I think about my OTP and that scene from that fic. Being in public spaces does not deter me in the slightest.

Abhorrent Admirer The ‘little forward’ part would be an understatement. I’m painfully obvious about the people I like and my awkward attempts usually have them running up the hills. I once even got the ‘I’m sorry, but I think I want to explore my sexual preferences at this time’ talk. I’m so used to cringing over my own hilarity that I’ve become immune to it. Run little love interest, run.

Cosmic Plaything Oh yeah. When I make plans, the powers that be laugh. Hysterically.

The Stoic “And if the day came when I felt a natural emotion I’d get such a shock I’d probably lie in the middle of the street and die…”

Oh who am I kidding:

Stoic Woobie *blinks back tears* Can I have that manic pixie girl now please??

Agent Maulder No truer trope was ever spoken. In relation to myself anyway. Faith is the belief in something in the absence of proof. And as Maulder put it: I want to believe.



Let's be playmates and share our secret worlds:


My top five list (it changes all the time, but for the moment):
  1. Reaper76
  2. An eye for an optical illusion
  3. Space the final frontier
  4. Nightblades and sorcerers
  5. Aloysius the teddy bear (and by that I mean Toothless)





~~~McKay/Sheppard is goofy love!~~~


~~~Ukelala is emo clown love!~~~


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